RUUM Trays - Premium Set
RUUM Trays - Premium Set
RUUM Trays - Premium Set
RUUM Trays - Premium Set

RUUM Trays - Premium Set

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Our Premium Set was created for families who love bigger portions in their trays - meat, veggies, or seafood - you name it.

The two trays are designed to fit together on a standard half-sheet pan and they can be used separately on an oven rack - make sure your trays are dry from water before placing onto rack.

RUUM trays are perfect for a non-messy cooking experience for oven and microwave needs. They are a great eco-friendly alternative for aluminum foil, parchment paper, and plastic wrap. 

Cooking and storing has never been more efficient—where you can easily transfer each process with just using one product in your kitchen.

The lids are designed to be air-sealed and leak proof to help you store meals properly in a refrigerator and freezer. We added some height to the lids which allows you to store bigger ingredients in our tray. They are also a great way to steam your meals in order to prevent food from drying out during cooking times - especially fish and veggies!

What's in the box:

  • 1 x set of medium tray and lid
  • 1 x set of large tray and lid

What's great about them:

  • 100% food grade platinum silicone
  • BPA-free
  • Designed to fit on a standard half-sheet pan 
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • Lid provides quick storage options of leftovers 
  • Heat-resistant up to 450° F / 232° C
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

Care & Use:

  • Hand wash before first use
  • Do not use on grills or on broil setting in oven
  • Place them anywhere in dishwasher
  • Avoid any abrasive cleaners or scrubbing brushes to avoid scratching the silicone
  • Soak in a baking soda solution to treat stains
  • Ensure they are fully dry before placing back together


5 x 10 in  / 12.5 x 25 cm
10 x 10 in / 25 x 25 cm 


Sustainability made easy. Plastic free packaging. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anita Ngo
Seriously SO good!

I absolutely love my ruum trays! Easy to clean and so versatile. This is the product you never knew you needed. Will be gifting it to everyone I know!

Amazing!!! Everyone needs one a set in their kitchen!!

Words can not describe how great these trays are. I was gifted these trays and I cook with them at almost every single meal; they are easy to use, clean up is a breeze I just put it in the dishwasher and also easy to store in the fridge with the lid that comes with it

High quality, no odor or stains!! 10/10 would highly recommend!!

Heather T

Super happy with the premium set. The size of these trays are great, they fit perfectly into my breville oven. Material is super thick and feels high quality. Replaces all the messy aluminum foil cleanup. These trays are super versatile and easy to clean. I use it to bake chicken, yam fries, reheat left over tonkatsu, and more.

Oh, and the packaging is very cute.

Vincent Tom
Very impressed!

Was gifted these trays and was very impressed with the design and sturdy structure. Even better was how easy they were to clean, I struggled cleaning my old silicone mats, they never seem to be clean no matter how often I scrubbed. These trays can easily be popped into the dish washer but found that they're easy to clean by hand too! They've now replaced my old silicone mats and have been go to when i'm roasting veggies or proteins. Highly recommend to anyone looking to replace foil or parchment paper to something more sustainable and user friendly :)

Andrea Peach
Everyone NEEDS these trays!

I was extremely excited to start using my new trays. No more aluminum foil! These trays are great for any type of food/dish you need to bake. I love the larger size for my meat and then the smaller size for my side vegetables. Very kid friendly, my kids use them for making chicken strips and fries and they even do their own clean up... Just pop them in the dishwasher. The product quality is extremely good the trays are very durable. There are so many benefits to using these trays but I must say the environmental benefits are right up there! This makes a for a great gift anytime but I will definitely buy them as hostess gifts for those family members who always hold the big family dinners!