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Our new Walnut Scoops are in! Comes in 2 sizes.

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We're crazy about eco-friendly cooking and storage solutions so we want to introduce you to RUUM-y Pantry Jars.

A plastic-free storage solution for your kitchen to create beautiful pantries and beyond.

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walnut scoops

What's a jar without a cute matching scoop?

You don't have to reach for utensils anymore with these cute little guys to leave inside for easier access to your jars.

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RUUM Trays

Cook and store with our premium, food-grade platinum silicone trays that are oven-safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Each tray comes with an air-sealed lid to store all your meals without the mess.

You can fit them perfectly on a standard sized half sheet pan to streamline your cooking ingredients. Yay to no more overcooked meals!

Designed in Canada with the environment in mind. We are on a mission to bring minimalistic, eco-friendly, and useful products into your home. Sometimes a simple habit can have a huge impact on the well-being of our environment.