Our Story

RUUM started with my favorite—well, room in the house: the kitchen. All these years of cooking for my sisters and parents have taught me that my favorite place is also by far the most wasteful space in any household. Think about it: we buy groceries packaged in styrofoam, plastic or cardboard; we season with oils and spices stored in plastic and glass containers; we clean up with detergents in plastic bottles; and then finally use more plastic wrap to store our leftovers. Maybe we should just eat out more?

Feeding a big family means a lot of sheet pan dinners and a lot of baking—both of which use tons of parchment paper and aluminum foil (and plastic wrap to store!) RUUM trays are our first step towards making that all-important place in the house a little less wasteful. They come with lids too—no more plastic wrap, and definitely no more stretching said plastic wrap over trays of food with surgical precision, hoping it doesn’t stick together. 

It doesn’t make sense that the simple act of feeding ourselves creates so much garbage. I started RUUM to try and change that any way we can, even if we’re starting small. What was that saying? In order to change the world, first start with yourself—or with your favorite room in the house.

- Linda